Blake Pace

Founder | Creative | Operations

Blake has always been fascinated by visual arts of all kinds, from drawing sketches to graphic design and the obvious…video. He bought his first DSLR camera for a two week vacation to Italy. Previously feeling limited by the cell phone’s ability to capture images of the world, he decided to step up his game. Soon afterwards he was asked to work on a short film skit. Needless to say he has been hooked ever since. Blake is also one of the founders of LakeSide Media. Don’t worry, his beard is getting there.

Garrett Pace

Founder | Creative | Client Services

Garrett has been interested in filmmaking since discovering that it was actually Harrison Ford’s job to act like Indiana Jones. This is something 5 year old Garrett had been doing for free for quite sometime and figured he might as well start getting paid for it. So after wasting some time getting a Physics Degree from UNC Chapel Hill, Garrett pursued acting both in North Carolina and LA. After returning to NC, He worked with Adam and Blake to form LakeSide Media. We won’t even talk about Garrett’s beard (or lack thereof).